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FREE Shipping on USA & International Orders See Details

At My Bedroom Gym we are dedicated to providing an exceptional customer service. We respond to customer concerns and feedback so we can deliver a better online experience. As online shopping becomes more common we lose the face to face interaction and servicing experience. That is why My Bedroom Gym makes sure that all forms of online contact are properly managed. As we have no physical store presence customers are unable to reach customer service by location. Furthermore we ship worldwide and as a result online servicing must be provided.

We started this company when we found a lot of junk in the fitness market. It makes it hard for the average person to get proper equipment. We opened up shop so we could make a difference. We wanted to sell products that were not only useful but also affordable. When it comes to exercise there are many different goals from health to a better look. There are also many different aspects to each of these. This makes it vitally important to be using the proper equipment. Some equipment simply cannot provide an effective enough workout to accomplish goals.

As a company our mission is to make home gym equipment more accessible. As we advance in technology the gym becomes more necessary. This is because the job market moves away from physical work. Between sleeping and working we spend the majority of our day at work. We then get 2 out of 5 days off work, so we also spend most of our week there. The sedentary behavior we experience in most jobs compromises the circulatory system and as a result the immune system. Muscle tighten up as there is no regular movement and muscle atrophies as there is no physical stimulus.

After we arrive home from our day we are often times too tired to exercise. It would almost be excessive. This is a mix of our current physical shape and the amount of work and awake time we just experienced. Plus we get off work when everyone else does, so every gym is packed until later that night, and we need sleep for tomorrow.

The convenience of having a gym setup in your home is that you don't have to face cluttered gyms. This eliminates waiting for equipment and interrupting your workout. The comfort of your home also allows you to multitask and get other things done in between. This helps with the laziness and tiredness after a full day. Simple types of equipment with modern technology allows for a simple, lightweight but effect piece of workout equipment.

Tension is a great way to accomplish light weight and effective. In the past tension bands were ineffective as they didn't provide enough resistance. In modern times we were able to strengthen band material, provide more secure connections to the handle and make use of multi band setups. We are able to convert tension based resistance into weight based resistance. The only difference between tension and weight is the amount of force produced the muscle has to push against. Resistance bands can replicate this exact resistance produced by weights in a measurable and accurate way.

Whats even better is you can either connect the band to a standstill object or you can connect it to your body. By connecting it to your body you create tension in a closed chain environment. This means that the weight is controlled and supported. This method takes the pressure off of your joints. For the heavy lifters tension weight can be wrapped around a tree, wedged into a sturdy door or hooked to some other sturdy object. This opens the chain that connected it to the body and makes it more free weight. It is best compared to a cable machine where control is still maintained but the source of resistance is not connected to the body. Resistance is not controlled or limited by your range of motion away from the body.

Tension based weight is a staple of the products we promote. With tension based weight you can have a very simple and inexpensive gym in your home. The type of gym capable of replacing your physical gym as you can still get a full workout. It helps save time for the busy body that has a lot to get accomplished daily.

Gymnasts, dancers, yoga enthusiasts, athletes, bodybuilders and the average person can all benefit from the assisted stretching capabilities. Allow the bands to take on all of your weight. This method allows for a better stretch as you can eliminate weight bearing stretches. You can also use the resistance in reverse to assist you in stretching.