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FREE Shipping on USA & International Orders See Details

FREE Shipping on USA & International Orders See Details


My Bedroom Gym sources the most effective products for a home gym. We focus on the less expensive yet complete equipment. Modern technology has enhanced what used to be simple products. We strive to making exercising at home easier and more convenient. No more big bulky and expensive machines to get a good workout.

How do I know how much weight my ResiBands are set to?

You should use the band colors to differentiate and customize your weight.

Yellow 10 LBS
Green 15 LBS
Red 20 LBS
Blue 25 LBS
Black 30 LBS


Can I still get my discount if a sale I knew about has ended?

We do understand financial circumstances and pay days. If you would like to take advantage of a discount but cannot purchase within the time, you may still be granted the discount. Head to the 'Contact Us' page while the sale is currently running and send a message to support. Put the subject 'Extended Promotion Request'. Explain to support your situation and the reasonable extension time you are requesting. If approves customer support will create you a custom coupon for the extended length so you can still get the promotion. This is our way of staying true to our mission of delivering affordable gym equipment.

What do I do if my package arrives damaged?

If you receive a package that was damaged in shipping understand that the issue is with the carrier. But don't worry we can still help. Immediately take a picture of your damaged product and the box it arrived in. Head over to 'Contact Us' and e-mail customer support. Alternatively you can send an e-mail directly to [email protected].  Be sure to include the photos and our customer support will resolve your issue with the carrier on your behalf.

Are ship times currently effected by covid-19?

Yes, shipping times may be extended and take longer than usual due to covid. Some areas of the world are not as affected as others. The length of transit is affected once it enters the country and is handed over to local carriers.

How do I refund my product?

In the event of a refund for a validated reason you can contact customer service. The e-mail is [email protected] or you can contact them via the 'Contact Us' page. In your message please provide a detailed reason as to the nature of the return. Once you receive a validation e-mail from customer service they will provide the remaining information and the shipping address to address the refund. You may need to provide pictures to prove the product has not been opened. In the event of a shipping issue or a refund validated with no return you will not be required to ship the product back. You will be refunded to your original payment method and will see the funds in your account within 5 business days depending on your payment method.

How are you able to provide free shipping worldwide?

Shipping always has a cost associated with it. We simply pay this fee to take the burden off of the customer. We do this as a thank you for doing business with us. As a business we strive to deliver the best service to our customers as they continue to show support and loyalty. This is part of our mission for a better level of service.

Can I earn coupons and get better prices?

Yes, we have a few programs in place to essentially hand out an extra discount for promotional tasks.

1. Screenshot our website and share it on your social media story. Tag or mention us in the post and display our link. We will send you a custom coupon in your Instagram or Facebook inbox.

2. Play to win. Use the red gift button at the bottom of the website. This button should appear on all pages of the website in the bottom left hand corner. We made this for the customers to receive extra discounts. This is our effort for affordability.

I have e-mailed customer service and have not received a response

Be patient, customer service will typically respond within 3 business days. If you have waited more than 3 business days you can send another e-mail and reference the first e-mail by forwarding to state urgency. Please check your sent mail to ensure the first message was successfully sent. Alternatively you can use the 'Contact Us' page to send your initial e-mail. In certain circumstances e-mail servers may have your e-mail flagged and sent to our spam folders. This can happen for various reasons amongst some could be from your e-mail account having been previously compromised and briefly used for malicious activity. It could be due to viruses on your computer or a computer you had used your e-mail on. It could be something you had forwarded in the past that unknowingly contained viruses or malware. By using the 'Contact Us' page you bypass all filters and can still provide your personal e-mail which we will then be sending our reply to.

I made a mistake in my contact information. HELP!

If your error was a small error such as a mistype chances are is that we would catch it. Typically you wouldn't be able to get past the contact information if the information you input does not exist. However it is possible through autofill or suggestions you may have input the wrong location that does exist. It is your responsibility to verify the information you input is accurate. However you do have 24 hours to notify us that there needs to be a correction. Please review your order and order information after purchase. If you notice an error please contact support on the 'Contact Us' page or directly by email at [email protected] and explain the situation. Please use all capital letters in the subject to stress the urgency. Your e-mail is time stamped so we will see the message was sent within the 24 hour timeframe. The best point of contact is through the 'Contact Us' page to ensure the message delivers.