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Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar
Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar
Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar
Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar
Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar
Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar
Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar
Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

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No More Trying To Find A Convenient Door To Close. Mount Your Pull Up Bar For Good!

Hanging pull up bars can be dangerous. All it takes is an old or cracked doorframe... and smash. The more you weigh(muscle or fat) the more dangerous it can be. Not to mention swinging motions can have it unhook on you.

Stop fooling around with convenient door hanging pull up bars and try a sturdy wall mounted one. The benefits are that you can easy anxiety in knowing it can support significantly more than your weight.

In fact it comes with a generous amount of room that can be used to hang rings or heavy bags/punching bags!

More Information

  • Solid Steel Construction - Made of heavy gauge steel for more durability and covered with black powder coating to prevent rust and corrosion.
  • Padded With Soft Foam - Foam padded grips keep your hands comfortable and prevent slipping from sweat during the whole workout.
  • Perfect For Building Natural Upper Body Strength - Sturdy with no give let's you go hard without worrying if it will come down. Pull ups are an exercise that will work your back, shoulders and lats with support from your abs. Chin Up will work your back and biceps with support from your abs.
  • Supports Your Weight - Our pull up bar can support up to 300lbs(136kg)
  • Three Grip Positions - You have grip on two plains for versatility in your workout. You have your x-axis for wide grip pull ups, close grip pull ups and chin ups. On the y-axis you have a hammer grip for hammer grip variations of chin ups.
  • Engineered For Mounting Indoor - This pull up bar was designed to be compatible with indoor mounting for convenience. It was designed for 16" and 24" stud spacing. Mounting screws to handle the load are included.
  • Convenient- Once mounted requires no further setup... ever.


*Pull up bar must be attached to a stud/beam. Regular house studs can support 20,000lbs-30,000lbs. When hanging something, the weight isn't the issue but rather the screws. Smaller screws simple aren't built to support much more than 80lbs, and that is the weak link. Our screws support weight up to 300lbs

*Pull up bar is designed for a 16” and 24” stud space

*You will need at least 42" of sideways wall clearance to mount


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