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ResiBand 11Pc Resistance Bands Set
ResiBand 11Pc Resistance Bands Set
ResiBand 11Pc Resistance Bands Set
ResiBand 11Pc Resistance Bands Set
ResiBand 11Pc Resistance Bands Set
ResiBand 11Pc Resistance Bands Set
ResiBand 11Pc Resistance Bands Set

ResiBand 11Pc Resistance Bands Set

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Toss away your gym membership and get rid of that bulky bench in the basement, because now you can get the same results from your home - without all the equipment, and without spending time and money going to the gym. Whether you are up for a full workout, or have just a few spare minutes, ResiBands is the perfect solution for you!

This ResiBands 11pcs Resistance Bands Set is specially designed to enable more than 150 different exercises and a wide range of resistance/weight, so you can work any muscle group in the body in countless ways, and get the results (and look) you want , from the comfort of your own home.

Our resistance bands are made of a durable TPE(thermoplastic elastomer) rubber. As an alternative to synthetic rubbers TPE is capable of withstanding more force with the mix of polymers. TPE is as recyclable as plastic to help the environment. The polymers are natural and don't carry toxic smells. It's almost like mixing rubber and plastic to come up with the best of both worlds for quality with respect to the environment!

The process involves using heat and shear force to bond the natural materials together. Then cooled to hold the stability and shape. This creates a physical cross-linking structure capable of withstanding large amount of force. The difference with rubber is they use synthetic materials and then make use of chemicals to create a chemical cross-linking. Strength being chemical based as opposed to a natural physical linking. Almost like holding bricks together with the strongest glue as opposed to cement formed by mixing crushed rocks with water.

More Information:

  • Five Level of Exercise Bands Resistance - WHICH CAN BE COMBINED - Adjustable resistance bands are colored to differentiate the weight; yellow (10 lbs.), red (20 lbs.), green (30 lbs.), blue (40 lbs.), black(50 lbs.). All exercise bands are 48" in length, and can be used alone stacked in any combination to a maximum equivalent of 150 lbs
  • Versatility, Make Fitness SIMPLE - While free weights(barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells) have long been a fixture in gyms and weight machines are stable and easy to use. Neither have the versatility of the resistance bands. 5 bands can be used alone or stacked in any combination of intensity from 10lbs to 110lbs. Each band is 48 inches in length and marked with its equivalent weight. With attachable handles, ankle straps, door anchor, you can choose different training methods for building strength.
  • Environmentally Friendly🌲😌 - Eco-friendly, no smell, durable and elastic. Steel metal buckle for stronger strength, non-slip handle, comfortable and absorbent. You can even take it to the park and workout with nature! Rope it around a tree and get to work, it's now cables.
  • Turns Into a CABLE MACHINE - With a door hooking strap, you can simply hook it into between a door and its frame. You then have convenient access with appropriate adjustable weight for all types of pulls, pushes and fly movements!
  • Reinforced Link & Quality Material - Buy with confidence knowing that our bands are made from 100% double layered natural latex which is labeled with weight and carefully constructed and tested to provide stronger resistance. The padded handles in your hands are not abrasive. The hook junction is nickel plated to prevent rusting as typically seen with galvanized metals.
  • Multi-functionional & Versatile Exercise Method - Your personal gym including 5 fitness resistance bands, a carry bag, a door anchor, 2 foam handle and 2 ankle straps. your training bands can be applied to different types of exercise. Use these fitness bands to train different muscle group. Such as perform rows, pulls, raises, and fly workout sets to exercise your arms, back, hips, legs, chest, and abdominal region.
  • Easy to Use & Portable - The resistance bands come with a cloth pouch. The portability and versatility of the bands make them ideal for workout while traveling. Whether you are a beginner or an expert; you can take fitness exercise bands anywhere, such as a gym, office, even on vacation
  • Effective in Building & Toning Muscle - Resistance Band Training is proven to be capable of achieving the same effective results as free weights. With the added benefits of convenience, working out from your own home, or when travelling. As well as providing a safe motion and less chance of injury. For the longest time synthetic rubber was used and tension was not converted to weight. Now it is!
  • Great for Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation & General Health Maintenance - Low level resistance or high level resistance. Looser or tighter. Longer ROM or shorter. You choose, many different ways you can apply it. Whether you need rehabilitation and pressure off the joints while strengthening with progressive weight or trying to crush a big workout, you can make those adjustments. Can also help exercise effors to boost stamina, flexibility, range of motion or target specific muscle groups
  • STOP GOING TO THE GYM! - Our exercise bands were designed using ideal resistance levels to help you maximize your workouts at home or on the go! Used alone or stacked in any combination to achieve your optimal resistance level and desired exercises! Whether you are a professional athlete looking to enhance your training, a beginner or an expert exercise enthusiast looking for a more effective workout. This versatile set will empower your training for faster and more effective results!
  • Train Hard...Go Ahead! - Use these bands to intensify your muscles and build that perfect beach body! Achieve your best arms, shoulders, abs, legs, butt and booty for men and women! Work hard and don't worry, our double-layered bands will never snap!
Yellow 10 LBS
Green 15 LBS
Red 20 LBS
Blue 25 LBS
Black 30 LBS

    • Countless Exercises - specially designed and includes all the necessary accessories for more than 150 possible exercises for all muscle groups - suitable for any fitness level. Whether you want a a complete body workout, or to work on just your glutes, biceps, abs, or any other muscle group at a time, the ResiBands Set is your perfect solution.

    • Easily Sets Up In Seconds - with the included Door Anchor, handles and ankle straps, you can set up the ResiBands in seconds. Just choose your desired exercise, set up accordingly, and start your workout. 

    • Workout Even If You 'Don't Have Time' - Have only a few minutes a day, or having difficulties finding the time to work out? Preoccupied cooking or watching your show? No problem! Because of the accessibility and quick and easy set up of ResiBands allow you to do a few quick sets in between your busy day.

    • Safer On Your Joints - As the weight is not free but in the form of tension, you can effectively remove the stress put on joints from free weight. Ideal for injuries, old people or simply just exercise addicts who can't accept you need rest day and recovery.

    • Convenient Assistance for Stretching - Finished your workout and it's time to stretch? ResiBands can help! Resistance bands can eliminate the problems with weight bearing stretches. Not to mention reverse tension can help you stretch the hard to reach areas and joints such as the shoulders.



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