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Yoga Socks
Yoga Socks
Yoga Socks
Yoga Socks

Yoga Socks

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Protect Your Feet With Style AND EFFECTIVENESS!

When doing sports while barefoot, our feet sometimes might get hurt from all the friction between our skin and the floor, and that sure hurts! The yoga socks get rid of that problem in a matter of seconds! Worried about slipping? Don't be! The non-slip soles on the socks will keep you in balance!

More Information:

Made For Exercise - TOE-FREE design allows freedom of movement during barefoot exercises. Retain the barefoot sensation with the stability benefits of a grippy fitness sock.

One Size Fits All - Comfortable cotton stretch to comfortably fit around any size foot

Barefoot Workouts and Stretching - All barefoot workouts including Pilates, Barre, Yoga, Dance, Martial Arts, Gymnastics, and more.

Non-Slip Grip Pads - Tiny grips surround the entire bottom of your feet so you can have improved grip for the long yoga holds or high intensity exercising! Our grips really stick even after multiple uses and washes. We keep you connected to the mat, machine or floor.

Ankle Socks - Call these yoga socks, or call them ankle socks. Regardless these are some pretty good socks. Comfortable and non intrusive. Pull on closure.

Open Toe Concept - Toe holes are cut out of each toe as well as a 'feet socks' like design for every mobility.

Protective - Ultimately we want to avoid dirty feet, caulises and injury. The grip gives it a slight padded advantage as well as a full(majority) covering for the dust and dirt. 

COMFORT & SIZE - Eco-Friendly soft, moisture-wicking material hugs your foot and keeps you clean and dry. 70% recycled cotton, 29% nylon, 1% spandex.




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